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Vacation Idea Magazine: October 18, 2017

WC-Press-VacationIdea-1018201710 Best Things to Do in Bridgeport, Connecticut

“This lunch and dinner serving establishment has a fresh and modern take on an East Coast gastro pub. With American centered offerings boasting an emphasis on seafood and barbeque, Walrus + Carpenter blends Atlantic Ocean fare with a rich selection of meats to create an innovative and unique menu. “

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CTbites: October 14, 2017

WC-Press-CTbites-101417“Walrus Pie – Buckle up, baconophiles and sugarholics. The crust is a bacon-chocolate chip cookie, the middle is peanut butter ice cream and all over everything is bacon crumble, bacon candy, and chocolate. Eating is believing.”

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Vacation Idea Magazine: September 5, 2017

WC-Press-VacationIdea-09052017“Walrus and Carpenter is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving up Southern-style American cuisine paired with American craft beers, wines, and spirits. Walrus and Carpenter offers a solid menu that has an assortment of dishes to please even the pickiest eater. Located in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT, Walrus and Carpenter is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, offering a place where people can enjoy good food in a comfortable environment.”

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Livingly: July 2017

WC-Press-Livingly-07002017“There is way too much to love when it comes to Walrus Pie at Walrus + Carpenter, as it’s full of bacon-chocolate chip cookie crust, bacon crumble, bacon candy & peanut butter ice cream, for good measure. Come for the amazing BBQ, but you’ve definitely got to save room for dessert.

The Best Part: Walrus + Carpenter has a dessert menu of six different kinds of pie, so there are other options if you’ve already had enough bacon at dinner — but is there really ever such a thing as too much bacon?”

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Connecticut Magazine: July 12, 2017

WC-Press-ConnMag-07122017“Residents claim the Black Rock neighborhood as “Connecticut’s Brooklyn,” and though New Londoners might beg to differ, the comparison makes sense. Black Rock can be thought of as a smaller, hipper borough of Bridgeport and just like Brooklyn, N.Y., it offers some of the best of what hipster culture has to offer.”

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