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CTbites: May 6, 2015

WC-Press-CTbites-05062015“Ben explains that the secret to superior smoked meat is the “reverse-flow” element to the smoker. “Reverse-flow” means that the heat drafts from the firebox into the cooking cylinder and draws down under a baffled-flue to the end. Then it reverses the flow and drafts back over the top of the heated baffle-flue. This process keeps the meat moist and tender and allows for the most even cooking experience. As the meat cooks, the fat is rendered out and moisture is locked in. Ben tends to the massive fire, kept between 220 and 250 at all times and adds a log or two – oak, cherry or maple, every 45 minutes or so to keep the temperature even. This is the secret to burning a clean fire – adding just the right amount of wood.”

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Connecticut in Style: March 5, 2015

WC-Press-CTinStyle-05052015Connecticut in Style calls W+C a top place for Large Parties and goes on to say these kind words:

I’d eat here once a week.  Everything is fantastic, their menu basically consists of comfort food. What to order: Southern Fried Chicken (everyday and twice on Sundays), Brussels Sprouts, Cornbread with honey butter. Ask your server for a beer recommendation, they have one of the best beer inventories in the area.

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Townvibe Fairfield: March/April 2015

WC-Press-Townvibe-March2015Owner Joe Farrell has brought his vision of an American restaurant to life at The Walrus + Carpenter. His approach to the food, drinks, music, and décor is American inspired all the way. The décor is architectural and warm with wide-plank flooring, exposed brick, and a belt-and-pulley ceiling-fan system. The space is divided into three—bar, main dining room, and a room with community tables. In the bar, Walrus + Carpenter features American ryes, bourbons, and gins and a vast variety of beers.

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W2W Magazine: Winter 2015

WC-Press-W2W-Winter2015“The WC menu straddles a few lines, and only a restaurant with confidence can get away with putting ‘Pig Pen Nachos’ made with pork rinds, chili, house cheese whiz, pickled chilies and green onion s on the same menu with Kale + Mustard Greens Salad with apples, pecans and Parmesan, tossed in a jalapeno-apple vinaigrette.  A dry aged rib eye for two is sourced from Saugatuck Craft Butchery and served steakhouse style with creamed kale, Lyonnaise ptatoes with bearnaise sauce.  Southern fried chicke, fresh fis, kiler burgers, and main dish worthy sides round out the offerings.”

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The New York Times: February 21, 2015

WC-Press-NewYorkTimes-02212015“One favorite starter was a trio of smoked-pork tacos: mounds of shredded, chipotle-infused meat sprinkled with fresh cilantro and nestled in soft corn tortillas. Another was a plate of tender fried oysters, each daubed with spiced aioli and topped with finely diced shallots. Of the entrees, we gave unanimous high marks to the crunchy-battered, juicy fried chicken, which was served with an addictive honey-sriracha dipping sauce. And several side dishes — including house-made sour pickles, cornbread with honey butter, and a fresh, snappy coleslaw — were enjoyable enough that we ordered seconds.”

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