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CTNow & Hartford Courant: January 11, 2014

CTNow2014We don’t have to wait till Sunday to try Walrus and Carpenter’s fried chicken, but it should be treated with reverence. The smokehouse and gastropub, which opened in Black Rock in Bridgeport this summer, makes fried chicken the way you’ve prayed for. A brown-paper-lined aluminum tray bears four plump, crisp, mahogany hunks of chicken. This is eat-it-with-your-hands food. The coating shatters beneath our teeth, tasting of salt, pepper, thyme, a trace of celery salt. The chicken, brined in buttermilk and fresh herbs, is moist and bursting with flavor. A ramekin of sriracha-honey sauce, drizzled over the chicken amps the flavor. We tried the sauce on the flakey, black pepper biscuit, too.

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Best Restaurants Magazine: January/February 2014

WC-Press-GreatRestaurants-150x200“The main attraction at Walrus + Carpenter escapes the attention of most people who eat there: that would be the big tank smoker out back, a reverse-flow behemoth powered by oak and cherry wood that looks like it should be coupled to a freight train.  While the surrounding Black Rock neighborhood sleeps, the smoker chugs through the night, and what gets pulled from it the day after — maple-bourbon baby back ribs, coffee-rubbed spare ribs, spice-rubbed beef brisket and port shoulder ribboned with fat — has quickly become the stuff of legend.”